Konstantin "Kostia" Efimov

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Review: 10 Pebbles
"10 Pebbles" has become one of my all time favorite recordings. As a musician myself, I can appreciate the artistry and unique compositional style that Kostia brings to the world. His music is that of the heart and spirit - communicating brilliantly through his Russian perspective and American influences the emotions and feelings we all experience.
~ By A Customer on February 4, 2000
Review: Suite St, Petersburg
My only complaint with this recording by Kostia is that it's too short - I wanted more! This is evocative and emotional music, relaxing and contemplative. Winter Ride is brilliant, vivid and distinct; you can hear the sleigh bells and feel the light snow on your face. Reflections is simple and quiet, not necessarily sad but certainly thoughtful. Kostia is a superb pianist, and a highly talented composer. Kostia's music is very distinctive, and every bit as complex, dramatic, and engaging as Chopin or Rachmaninoff.
~ By Roberta Stuemke on July 14, 2000
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Liner notes for STILL STILL STILL...
"The simple beauty of Christmas melodies captured my heart a long time ago. Each of these songs tells a story - and it is up to you to decide what that is. Like a photograph, a painting, or a poem - let the music draw you in and speak to you. May you enjoy the quiet beauty within" ~ Kostia 2017